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Lead and Asbestos Testing | CMA Certified Professionals

Did you know that Housing, EPA, USDA and almost all federal agencies require Lead Based Paint (LBP) clearance to qualify for any funding?

CMA Architects & Engineers LLC has acquired a Viken Detection Pb200i XRF Lead Paint analyzer. This state-of-the-art tool is used to prepare Lead Based Paint (LBP) inspections as per local and federal regulations. CMA has two professionals certified by the Environmental Quality Board to carry out LPB inspections and mitigation clearance.

Also, we have an LBP Project Designer that can assist you to develop your LBP mitigation plan. An LBP inspection is required by the Environmental Quality Board and by the Permits Management Office prior to any type of demolition project or construction that include partial demolitions.

CMA certified professionals can be reached at

787-792-1509 extension 2802.

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