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Congrats Abdel!

We want to congratulate Abdelmunem Mohammed, from our Project and Construction Management (PCM) Department, on having the the best Grade Point Average (GPA) of the recent RUM Civil Engineering Graduates.

During the UPR-Mayaguez Campus 106th Graduation celebration, Abdel received his Summa Cum Laude Medal along with the “Ing. Max Figueroa Dominguez” medal of excellence, for having the highest GPA of all Civil Engineering Students.

He also received the “Ettiene Totti” prize, granted by the Civil Engineering Department to their most distinguished gradute.

Abdel graduated last Friday June 14, 2018 with a Summa Cum Laude distinction, having a GPA of 3.97.

Abdel is part of the 2019 class of talented engineering recruits at CMA.

Congratulations on this great achievement. Abdel!

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