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“The Legend has Retired”

Achieving successful performance in your job is a goal we all aspire to and more in these difficult times, but to do so for 42 uninterrupted years in the same workplace does not happen every day.

Orlando Marti retired today April 25, 2019 after a fruitful career as a Senior Cost Estimator and Cost Control Leader at CMA Architects & Engineers LLC.

Marti completed an associate degree in the Technological Institute of Puerto Rico in 1977 and a degree in Land Surveying & Mapping at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in 1980. Since 1977 he worked long hours at CMA, contributing greatly to the success of the projects assigned to him and overcoming the changes and challenges that the construction industry suffered all these years. He worked very hard, estimating countless construction projects in Puerto Rico’s infrastructure sector (Highway Authority, Aqueducts and Sewer Authority, Electric Power Authority), commercial, industrial and hospitality market.

His coworkers gave him a well-deserved and emotional tribute when leaving the workplace. Everyone at CMA will remember our beloved Orlando Marti with much appreciation. Marti: "We wish you enjoy your well-deserved retirement"… “The Legend has Retired”.

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