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Does your Workplace meet your Company needs?

The workplace is an essential tool in a company's success.

Your office is an extension of your brand. Branding space goes well beyond having a company logo in the lobby. It can play an important part in providing your company its culture. The type of space, its finishes, and the messages that it sends all reinforce cultural messages.

Designers now look for ways to not only capture a company's colors and look, but also its deeper understanding of the company reflected through out such as furniture, layouts and in all other aspects of an office.

As the lines between work and home blur as a part of employees finding new types of work-life balance, companies are trying to make their office space feel more like home. They also provide a place for everyone to be together and for your company to have what it needs physically located where it can easily accessed by all minimizing overhead costs.

Office designs now include conversation areas designed like living rooms, outdoor patios and lighting provided by lamps instead of harsh overhead LED or florescent fixtures. The benefits of this movement in office space design include employee willingness to work longer hours as well as the greater efficiency that comes from more comfortable collaboration.

There is a considerable costs in having off-site employees. You have to pay higher connectivity costs and pay for travel to and from the home office. Lower productivity has been documented as well.

Offices offer opportunities for both formal and informal collaboration that are much harder to replicate with a far flung workforce. This flexibility provides different alternatives for work to take place accommodating to the employees’ most productive atmosphere; which results in more productivity.

your office space should play an important part in giving your company its culture, and reinforce what defines it: your team. While these benefits may seem to be intangible, they are real and important; and we can help you achieve this.

CMA Architects and Engineers LLC is a local A/E with a broad portfolio of office interiors and vast experience defining building systems upgrades to reduce energy operational costs in commercial buildings.

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