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Health care trend spotting: Microhospitals

A new care model is on the rise and meets all licensing and regulatory requirements: Microhospitals.

What are they? They are acute care hospitals that focus on treating low-acuity patients and providing ambulatory and emergency services. They are similar to community hospitals but are located urban areas. Their value proposition seeks to fill the care gap where patients may not have easy access to acute or emergency care.

Health systems across the U.S. are pursuing the microhospital model because they can offer care at the right time in the appropriate setting. They are the step above emergency and urgent care stand alone facilities, leaving more complex surgeries and service lines for their larger counterparts. And they rise in popularity also comes with a lower price tag. They are typically only 15,000 to 50,000 SF. They have a short built time and bring healthcare services to patients in the community faster.

Is a microhospital right for your health care organization? For more information, visit the Becker’s Hospital Review website or contact us at

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