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Are you writing a Federal Grant Proposal?

A federal grant is a way the U.S. government funds ideas and projects that support public services and stimulate Puerto Rico’s economy. On, you have an overview of grants available that could align with your work. There are many types of organizations eligible to apply. Determining whether you are eligible to apply for and receive a federal grant should be your first step.

Since all grant proposals compete for a limited amount of money available, increase your chances by presenting a well-prepared, thoughtfully planned, and concisely packaged project. Write as simply and clearly as possible, avoid broad or sweeping statements, and keep it precise while still maintaining the substance. Knowing what the grantor agency wants to read and presenting it in an easy-to-understand manner are key.

Completing the application process can be hard work. At CMA, we can assist you grant writing, developing your project and preparing relevant data and documentation. Click here for FAQ’s by Applicants or contact us at

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