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Can an Energy Master Plan reduce energy costs?

Yes it can!

Running a business can be a difficult venture. It can become even more challenging when you consider the high energy costs that businesses face in Puerto Rico. At CMA, we can help you meet your energy demands with conscious and smart planning.

Whether you are looking to lower existing energy rate hikes, minimize utility costs, or expand more efficiently, we recommend starting with an Energy Master Plan. A master plan begins with an overall energy assessment, indentifying demand and potential opportunities. Once a comprehensive view of energy needs is achieved, we can work on tangible recommendations that best suit your operations. They can include new technologies, such as photovoltaic power and solar water heating, or the adoption of new energy efficiency models, such as combined heat and power. It also addresses overall strategies and funding, which can include public-private alliances and power purchasing agreements.

Below are some of projects that can follow your Energy Master Plan. We can provide the services you need to guide you through your own energy master planning efforts, ensuring your goals are met while maximizing value:

· Building Energy Modeling

· Building Automation and Controls

· Lighting Controls

· Heat Machines

· Combined Heat and Power

· HVAC Post Cooling

· Lighting controls

· LEED Certifications

· Water Reclaim

· Steam Condensate Recovery

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