Our dear friend Francisco Vigil Danger

Francisco became part of the CMA family in 1971 when he was hired to work in the Electrical Engineering Department. In 1979 he was made a Junior Partner of the firm. He became the Department Head after Jose M. Rodriguez retired. Francisco's retirement from CMA occured in 2009, the day he turned 66.

Everyone who knew him can attest to his dedication, commitment and unwavering work ethic to serve CMA and its clients. He never sought the spotlight. His technical competence on project related topics was never doubted. He was methodical, in the predigital edge, of archiving journal or magazine articles with information that could be useful in the future. His recall of previous project details was legendary. This allowed him to be a great mentor for all who worked in the department.

The person we called our friend demonstrated qualities instilled by his religious beliefs. He took time every year to attend weekend retreats that reinforced them and helped to make him a better person.

After his retirement, his prowess for recalling life and work related events began to diminish. This decline robbed his family, friends and professional acquaintances of the person they had known. Francisco died on Sunday, April 26, in the hospital, after a short illness.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to Maria Emilia and their children Francisco Jr and Christina for the passing of our great friend.

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